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  1. 25 Units 17W T8 4ft LED Tube Light
    17W 2200lm Super Bright T8 4ft LED Tube Light 25 Pack, Double Ended Power, Ballast Bypass, Type B, Daylight White, DLC Rebates Available
    17W 2200lm Super Bright T8 4ft LED Tube Light 25 Pack, Double Ended Power, Ballast Bypass, Type B, Daylight White, DLC Rebates Available 2 5 5 1
    Light Color: Daylight WhiteBrightness (lm): 2200Package Quantity: Pack of 25 UnitsColor Temperature (K): 5000Power Consumption (W): 17 Energy Rating: DLC5.0 Warranty: 5 Years Input Voltage: 120-277V AC
    FREE 1-5 Business Days Shipping
    (CA$6.00 / unit)
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What is T8 LED Bulbs?
“T” means “tubular”. It describes shape of the bulb. So, you may find T8, T5 and T12 bulbs. They are all tubular bulbs.

“8” is value of diameter. It means 8/8 inch. So, actually T8 is a tubular bulb whose diameter is 8/8=1 inch. T5 is tubular bulbs whose diameter is 5/8=0.625 inch.


What Types of LED Tube Lights Do You Need?
There are three types of T8 LED tube lights.
1.Type A LED Tube – Plug and Play (Compatible with Ballast)
Type A LED tube lights is compatible with ballast. It’s plug and play. However, product cost and maintain cost is higher. Ballast compatibility may be a problem too.

2.Type B LED Tube – Ballast Bypass
Type B LED tube can install directly on T8 fluorescent light fixtures. However, ballast need to be removed before installation.
There are two kinds of type B LED tube, which are single ended power and double ended power LED tube. Single ended power LED tube need rewire, but it’s cheaper. Double ended power LED tube can work directly on fluorescent light fixture after remove ballast.


LED Tube Types Comparison


  Type A(Plug and Play) Type B(Single Power) Type B (Double Power) Type C (External Driver)
Product Cost Middle Low Middle High
Installation Difficulty Low High Middle High
Maintain Cost High Low Low Low
Other Ballast compatibility
and slight increase in energy use
/ / Not recommend due to high product cost and installation cost


Because of low product cost and maintain cost, Lepro recommend Type B LED tube lights in most of cases, especially for new construction and renovations.

3.Type C LED Tube – External driver
Type C LED tube comes with external driver, which provides more flexible installation. However, product cost is much higher.


Why Convert Fluorescent Tube Lights to LED?
1. Save electricity bill. LED tube lights save over 50% on electricity bill.
2. Low maintain cost. Lifespan of LED tube lights are much longer. High quality LED tube can get 5 years warranty. Besides, if you use ballast bypass solution, you do not change ballast either.
3. Rebates make LED retrofit free or low product cost. LED tube light with DLC list can get rebates in many utility providers. Sometimes, rebates are higher that product cost. Click to check rebates of your local utility providers here.
4. Eco-friendly. Fluorescent tube contains mercury, but LED tube is absolutely eco-friendly.

If you are interested in more details on the topic, please read our blog how to convert T8 fluorescent tube lights to LED.


How to Install LED Tube Lights
Please click to watch our video tutorial on how to install LED tube lights.