How to Install LED Shop Lights

LED shop lights are usually used in places with a high demand for illumination. Besides high brightness, they have a long service life, and you don’t need to change them often. Most importantly, they are energy-saving. If you’re looking for lights for warehouses, garages, stores, or offices, LED shop lights are a decent choice.

Now you can watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to install LED shop lights with easy steps.

Step 1: Mark the Hanging Point

Because LED shop lights are hung on a hook with chains, the first step is to measure the distance between the two sets of chains and mark the hanging point.

make the hanging point

Step 2: Install the Hook

After marking the installation location of LED shop lights, install the hook. Use a drill with the same diameter as that of the plastic expansion tube to create a hole in the wall (be sure to drill vertically and only once). Insert the tube and screw the hook into the ceiling to fix it.

install the hook

Step 3: Connect to Power Supply

On the side of the LED shop lights is a power supply jack. Insert one end of the cable line into it.

connect to power supply

Step 4: Install on the Ceiling

Next, place the two sets of chains on the hook. Adjust their positions to ensure they’re fixed. Lastly, connect to power supply to turn on the lights.

install led shop lights

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  1. How do I install the 4′ shop lights if I don’t have the power cable?? Do I need to order the plugs? I have 8 shop lights that I just received and have no way to hook them up to A/C power. Please advise

    Thank you,


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