How to Install LED Parking Lot Light

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LED parking lot lights are generally mounted on top of light poles in lighting streets, outdoor parking lots, sidewalks and other outdoor areas. Here is the detailed guide on how to install LED parking lot light. Check it now:

4 Steps to Install LED Parking Lot Light

Step 1. Loosen Adapter Plate and Rubber Gasket

To begin with, you should detach adapter plate and rubber gasket from the bracket.

install led parking lot lights

Step 2. Fix to the Square/Round Pole Bracket

Now, please make sure the square pole or fixture surface has matching installation holes. Then put square/round pole bracket against to the fixture surface and the rubber gasket between the square/round pole bracket and required fixture surface, then attach the square/round pole bracket to the square pole with bolt.

Attach the bolster plate to the inside surface of the square pole if necessary, then tighten the bolster plate with bolt.

install parking lot lights

Step 3. Wiring

Push the wire through the hole and square/round pole bracket, protecting the wire from damage. Connect the power wire to the pole wire, making sure the wire and connection are protected, then attach the rubber gasket and junction box cover with a bolt.

wiring led parking lot light

Step 4. Tight with Bolt

Adjust the lamp body to required angle, then tighten with bolt. Now you have successfully installed the LED parking lot light.

how to install led parking lot lights


1. To avoid electric shock and fire, the lights must be installed by a person with professional knowledge of luminaire electrical systems or a qualified electrician.

2. Please wear protective gloves to avoid injury while installing this light.

3. During or after installation, if there is any signs of smoke, fire in wires or lights, turn off all power immediately and notify relevant personnel or authorities of an overhaul.

4. This light can be used for indoor and outdoor installation.


1. Please abide by related country, regional, and local laws and regulations when installing this light.

2. To avoid electrical shock and damage, please do not install this light during inclement weather. There are potential safety hazards when working with electrical elements in wet weather.

3. Do not test this luminaire with unstable voltage (e.g. electrical generator etc.).

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