How to Buy LED Shop Lights

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LED shop lights are a type of LED lights commonly used in garages, workshops, etc. It has partly replaced fluorescent lights in the business world due to its environmental benefit, high efficiency, and durability.

Part 1. Key Points to Buy an LED Shop Light

Part 2. Integrated LED Shop Lights or Retrofit LED Shop Lights?

Part 3. How Many LED Shop Lights Do I Need for My Garage?

Part 1. Key Points to Buy an LED Shop Light

How do we choose suitable LED shop lights? Consider the following factors.


As mentioned, LED shop lights have higher luminous efficacy than fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs do. Using Lepro LED shop lights as an example, 42W LED shop lights equals 100W fluorescent lights, with a brightness of 4200 lm and an efficacy of 100 lm/W. The efficiency of fluorescent lights is less than half of that of LED shop lights.

You can find LED shop lights with different levels of brightness on the market and purchase 20W, 30W, 40W, or higher power lights based on your specific needs to satisfy your lighting needs for various spaces.

Of course, whether the lights satisfy your lighting needs depends on illuminance. The IES file will inform you of the brightness and ranges of illumination for lights with specific power at different levels.

Color Temperature

different color temperatures feel different. For example, light bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K at home creates a sense of comfort and warmth. In workplaces, the color temperature of the lights tends to be higher and energize people.

When choosing LED shop lights, take into account the place where the lights are installed. For workshops, choose lights with higher color temperature, such as 5000K or higher. For places that don’t require deep concentration, you can opt for lights with lower color temperature.

Daisy Chain

To install LED shop lights in big garages or workshops, you need multiple LED shop lights. Plugging each set of lights into a socket would make it difficult to install and use them, and connecting the lights would be more convenient. When choosing the product, check how many LED shop lights can be connected at once. You can connect 8 Lepro LED shop lights at most.


When shopping for lights, budget is an important limiting factor. We suggest making many comparisons to find the most suitable LED shop lights.

We discussed many LED shop lights of different brands here, click to learn more.

Part 2. Integrated LED Shop Lights or Retrofit LED Shop Lights?

When choosing LED shop lights, many may wonder whether they opt for brand new integrated LED shop lights or replace their fluorescent tubes with retrofit LED shop lights.

For workshops without fluorescent tubes or those with enough budget, we suggest choosing integrated LED shop lights, which is easily installed at once. After selecting the suitable lights, you only need to install them once without careful maintenance due to the long service life of LED shop lights.

If you previously use fluorescent tubes and want to make use of them, you can also replace them to reduce costs, though with risks. Click here to learn about how to convert fluorescent tubes into LED lights.

Part 3. How Many LED Shop Lights Do I Need for My Garage?

As a garage is usually 250 square feet, how many LED shop lights do you need? You must determine this before purchasing to satisfy the lighting needs of your garage. You need to calculate the number of lights based on the illuminance required by your garage as well as reachable by your lights after installation. If your garage needs a minimum illuminance of 5Fc, check the maximum illuminance and range of your LED shop lights after installation to calculate the number of lights. We suggest using professional lighting design software like DIALux or AGI32 to plan for such large-scale commercial lighting needs.

We introduced some facts about how to purchase LED shop lights above. Check product details to learn more and download relevant IES files. You can import these files into DIALux or AGI32 to check if this set of LED shop lights meets your lighting needs.

Advantages of LED Shop Lights

Environmentalism – On the one hand, the LED lights do not contain any heavy metal materials like mercury and do not pollute the environment. On the other hand, LED shop lights have high luminous efficacy, which reduces energy waste and your electricity bills.

Durability – Compared to incandescent lamps, LED shop lights have a service life of 50,000 hours, and Lepro LED shop lights provide a warranty period of five years. They do not flash or produce humming electric sounds, protecting your eyes.

Easy installation and adjustment – Common fluorescent and LED tube lights are both fixed on the ceiling, making it difficult to install or adjust them. In contrast, LED shop lights are hung with a chain and you can easily adjust their height and location anytime based on your needs, which is more convenient. 

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