Top 5 Commercial LED Shop Lights Review 2021

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Why choose LED shop lights for commercial lighting?

With the development of the lighting industry, LED shop lights have become one of the most common commercial lighting fixtures. What is required of commercial lighting, and why should you choose LED shop lights?

  • Safety. When providing lighting for any commercial area, safety is definitely the most important consideration. Compared to traditional light fixtures, LED lights are much safer, more eco-friendly, and do not produce any harmful substances. There is also no need to worry about eye-straining flickers or humming sounds after prolonged usage.
  • High brightness and great color rendering. Light fixtures with high brightness are typically used for commercial lighting to improve efficiency. Also, places like supermarkets require lights with good color rendering. Undoubtedly, LED shop lights provide excellent brightness output and color rendering performance. They possess high luminous efficacy, can emit sufficient lumens, and have Color Rendering Index (CRI) values that are usually higher than 80.
  • Long lifespan. Commercial spaces usually go for lighting solutions with longer lifespans, which reduces the frequency of replacing them, thus saving on costs. LED shop lights can last as long as 50,000 operating hours, giving more value for money than traditional lights.

So how should you go about choosing LED shop lights suitable for supermarkets, offices, or other commercial spaces? Let us introduce you to five different brands of LED shop lights for your consideration.

Best Commercial LED Shop Lights for Supermarkets, Shops, Offices, Display Areas, etc.

Best commercial electric led shop light list:

  1. Lepro 40W 4 Foot Linkable LED Shop Lights
  2. EnviroLite 4 ft. 2-Light White LED Shop Light
  3. Commercial Electric 4 ft. LED Linkable Shop Light
  4. Honeywell 4ft. Commercial LED Shop Light
  5. Metalux Commercial LED Shop Lights

1. Lepro 40W 4 Foot Linkable LED Shop Lights

From supermarkets to malls to offices, the Lepro 40W 4 foot LED shop lights are highly suitable for the lighting needs of all types of commercial spaces. 

Lepro LED shop light
Lepro 5000K 4 Foot LED Shop Light

High Brightness: The 40W Lepro LED shop lights are equivalent to traditional 100W fluorescent lights, with an output of 4,000 lumens, color temperature of 5,000K, and great color rendering with CRI > 80. It ensures that the commercial space will be well-lit and even helps save 60% on electricity bills.

8 Units Max Connect: Up to 8 units of this shop light can be connected. Suitable for larger spaces.

Durable: Comes with ETL safety certification and a 5-year warranty.

Easy Installation: The Lepro LED shop lights package includes all accessories needed for easy installation, including hooks, hanging chains, mounting screw packs, and connectors.

Energy Star Listed: Get a chance to receive government energy rebates and save on purchasing costs. Business users will also get additional discounts.

2. EnviroLite 4 ft. 2-Light White LED Shop Light

Energy-saving: The EnviroLite 28W LED shop light comes with two T8 light tubes that emit 3,600 lumens. The color temperature is 5,000K daylight white and helps saves 30% on electricity bills compared to traditional fluorescent lights.

4 foot LED Shop Light

Safety-certified: Uses high-quality LED chips. UL-listed and can be installed in damp spaces.

Quality Assurance: Light encased with a protective white enamel finish. Up to 50,000 hours of continuous use and comes with a 5-year warranty.

3. Commercial Electric 4 ft. LED Linkable Shop Light

Easy Installation: Up to nine units of this shop light can be connected. The package includes connectors, a five-foot power cord, and linking cables. Extremely lightweight and can be suspended easily with chains. Easy to install and maintain.

4 ft. LED Linkable Shop Light

High-efficiency Energy Savings: 35W, 4,000K bright white LED shop light that emits 3,200 lumens of brightness, equivalent to 64W traditional fluorescent lights.

Long Lifespan: The Commercial Electric LED shop light can be used continuously for 50,000 hours and comes with a 5-year warranty. Suitable for household or commercial areas such as garages, storage rooms, utility rooms, or workshops.

4. Honeywell 4′ Commercial LED Shop Light

High Brightness: The Honeywell Four-Foot. LED Linkable Shop Light has 50W power, emits 5,000 lumens, and has high luminous efficacy.

4' led shop light

Choice Commercial Lighting: Color temperature of 5,000K, daylight white, CRI = 80. suitable for supermarkets, stores, officers, and other commercial spaces.

Linkable: Up to 10 units can be connected. The package includes all accessories needed for installation (chain, cord, mounting hardware.) Easy to operate.

5. Metalux Commercial LED Shop Lights

High Luminous Efficacy: The Metalux 43W 42-in. White Integrated LED Shop Light emits 4,500 lumens to ensure ample brightness for better safety and productivity.

Metalux Commercial LED Shop Lights

Durable: Uses LED technology, provides up to 50,000 hours of continuous use. Comes with a five-year full warranty for worry-free use.

Easy Installation: The light fixture is pre-assembled. Simply suspend or install at the desired location and plug into a power source to use. No additional cables are required.

Based on your needs, you can take your pick from the 5 commercial LED shop lights introduced above. We recommend the Lepro 40W 4ft Linkable LED Shop Lights as it provides excellent value for money and is suitable for various commercial lighting needs. You can check out more details here.

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