Lepro - Reliable & Satisfying

Why Reliable?

1. Warranty Coverage: Our advanced product design, the durable housing of the product, and the employment of the latest high-quality LED technology guarantee the long lifespan of our products. Most of our commercial illuminants offer 5 years warranty.

2. Safety and energy saving guarantee: Our products uphold the highest safety standards and are UL or ETL listed and certified, ensuring high quality and performance.

3. World-class quality ability: Lepro works with the same OEM and ODM manufacturers of world-class top brands. We are exceptionally proud of our product's craftsmanship. Thus, these outstanding products minimize customer concerns about making a purchase and ensuring excellent customer service.

Why Satisfying?

1. Satisfying experience by encouraging customer feedback directly: We improve our products and services from customers like you directly, and not from the sales channels indirectly. We are fully aware of your needs and requirements and develop the products as per your preference, thereby creating trust for the product.

2. Satisfying price: Lepro, born and raised in the digital world, is responsible for creating high-efficiency marketing and distribution channels based on AI and data. We offer fair and competitive pricing of our products as a result of our high-efficient processes. For example, customers buy from the brand manufacturer directly.

Business-exclusive pricing is available. Create a free business account.

Why Save Energy and Money?

Most of our commercial lighting products get Energy Star or DLC listed. Energy saving rebates are available.

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